Saturday Morning Retreats

Saturday Morning Retreats are sweet mornings of yoga, conversation, and quiet.  We do about 2+ hours of yoga, spread out over the three hours.  Each retreat has a theme that relates to your yoga practice on the mat and off the mat (every day life); it’s all related. Unless specifically noted, you need to be able to get up and down from the floor with relative ease.  You are encouraged to bring a bottle of water, a yoga mat, and a blanket (to sit on/rest your head/cuddle under).  If you do not have a mat, let Rachel know and she will bring one for you to borrow.  The cost of the retreat is $30 to be paid that day in cash or check.  If the cost prohibits you from coming to the retreat, please contact Rachel and still make plans to come. You can purchase a retreat online and if you are interested, you can pay for 4 retreats for $100 (saves $20) to be used within a year of the purchase. Unless noted otherwise, the retreats are always Saturday, 9a.m.- noon, at Philo Presbyterian Church (105 E. Jefferson, Philo, IL 61864). Snacks are provided!   Dates are subject to change as needed, so please always contact Rachel to confirm. If you have questions or would like to register for the retreat contact Rachel at  

If you are interested in having a Daily Bread Yoga retreat or workshop at your congregation or community, please contact Rachel at

2018 – 19   Saturday Morning Retreats

Sept 8  – Beginner’s Mind

Oct. 13 – Balance & Boundaries

Nov 17 – Grateful Despites

Dec 29 – Grief & Growth

Jan 19 – Slow Fasting

Feb 16 – V’ahavta and you shall love

March 9 – Chronic Pain & Healing

May 4 – Grounding Down & Letting Go


  1. If you need space to get back into your body and to find common ground for your mind and body to rest while your soul is held and nourished, these retreats are the answer!

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